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    Are you planning to use social media for selling real estate? Follow these tips

    An Australian recently tweeted stating that when was the previous time have you sold your real estate property for $135,000 above the asking price, which has made him to hit the headlines. With the assistance of John Newell, digital marketer and realtor Hocking Stewart, Kurt Oprey, the Australian man sold his home in Northcorte, a Melbourne suburb for $135,000 more than the asking price.

    He did it through using social media as a tool in the six weeks ahead of its auction. It’s true that his approach is a little more complicated comparatively than the headlines suggest, still it is possible that one can employ social media with minimum competence and can lead the forthcoming real estate marketing in action.

    Listed below are the six strategies that you can learn about how to use social media effectively to sell your home.

    Make use of targeting impressive keywords

    The first step taken by Oprey’s is to ascertain the keywords that would perfectly portray the most frequently search by the prospective real estate buyers and phrases they may use.

    Oprey and John decided keywords such as house, sale, auction, Northcote and make sure to use it everywhere in the content including the URL of the property’s WordPress blog.

    The significant reason behind such keywords inclusion in this online marketing campaign is that it majorly focused with the consumer in mind, in short which is nothing but SEO.

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    Construct a microsite on WordPress

    Owning a microsite on WordPress will help you to express your unique story and remain as a best platform for SEO and lead conversion. WordPress is one among the preferable and flexible platform being used to create a website.

    It facilitates you to create a professional appearing, SEO-friendly website in a short span. It supports all sorts of media files such as videos, images, social media widgets and documents.

    Build Campaigns for every medium major and service

    Oprey also opened a blog and other social networking accounts such as twitter account, a Facebook page, Flickr, Picasa, a YouTube Channel and Posterous accounts focusing the Northcote house.

    By creating and uploading multiple sources of media files such as images, videos and content, he ensure to show up the house in any related search results and just on any services or website. Oprey also spent enough time to make the site being ranked as No.1 as per Google ranking.

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    Collaborate to make it personal

    Traditionally, sharing personal contacts of the sellers and buyers are discouraged to protect any discussions that could endanger the real estate transaction. Whereas, social media offers a specific level of distance between people, permitting the seller to utilize more personal touch in enhancing his or her property’s features.

    Working along with the owner, agent make use of this as an advantageous aspect and highlights personal stories regarding the home for using it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the blog.

    A blog was created and the agent posted all his communication that he loves about the Northcote house, outside, inside, what’s make it a great choice to live there, What’s all near to the house, the variations in the season, the community and everything from the owner’s perspective. The house, through this way can reach more prospective buyer’s eye than just being a collection of rooms.

    Share quite often

    Posting quite regularly assist you to build followers and interest over time and helps you to stay in the top ranking for your specific keywords. Oprey from his part practice posting regular stories on the blog on a daily basis regarding all the range of subjects related to supply information regarding the house among the potential buyers, thus enhance their property interest.

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