Best ways to get back your security deposits

    Nothing can make the pains of shifting ease than an entirely refunded security deposit. Using these expert tips you can be ensured to get back your security deposits. While moving, it is considered to be an impossible feat to get your cash back from the landlord being paid as a security deposit, still being it’s your money.

    Proper Planning

    Practice making necessary precautions while you are moving in as it saves you money and also while you move out. For an instance, use only removable hooks and poster putty which avoids charges being levied for holes on the wall later on while moving out.

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    You must be already known and provided with all those rental related docs while you move in, which is mandatory to keep it organized in a place. Also, it is must that you thoroughly read through the documents and understand the proper ways to wind up your rental agreement in future. This helps you to go with moving out procedures easily without any loss.

    Document everything

    Even though photo documentation of the property condition is sufficient while moving out, it is good to take a video walk-through of the property both while moving in and moving out.

    So, if in case your landlord tries to hold your security deposit, you can serve those video proofs to state that their rental property was maintained in quality condition. Thus, you can stay secured and will leave no space for the property manager to argue.

    Also, ensure to maintain a record of communication you made with the property manager related to the maintenance issues and requests you made and those communications you received from their end.

    Communicate with your landlord

    It is good you know regarding how far in advance you want to inform your landlord about your move-out date. However, your rental agreement is specified with this information, asking personally to your landlord will serve both as a helpful confirmation to yourself and as a courtesy to your landlord.

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    It is recommended to plan for a serious deep cleaning if you wish to get back your security deposit apart from regular dusting and vacuuming. If you are getting a professional cleaning service done, ensure to keep the receipt of payment of such services safe, which will serve as a proof while moving out.

    Team move out is best

    If possible, you leave the same day along with your roommates. To do the same, better coordinate with your team and plan for a team move out. It is not necessary that you leave later on all your roommates left as this will lead you held responsible for cleaning up all the junks left behind in the property. Try to make a move-out happened out of a team-effort.

    Mock inspection done by friends

    It is good you recommend your friend to do mock inspection and go through the move-out checklist of your home before you leave on behalf of you. You may be really surprised to know that how many of the things you have missed when they cross verify the checklist. Once they are done, you can go ahead and fix it before arranging for a mock inspection done by the landlord.

    Do repairs

    Small repairs such as filling nail holes, replacing light bulbs and unclogging drains may look like small issues but creates a big difference. It takes just an hour to make it better, but it will amp up the quality condition of the property. If it is done, you can be sure of being appreciated by your landlord and thus you can be sure of being fewer claims being deducted from your security deposit.

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