Follow these amazing real estate maintenance tips in winter

    With the winter weather approaching, it’s time for landlords to prepare their real estate property during this fall to deal with potential issues prior that may happen. If your rental property is situated is in a location that is at the mercy of snow, wind, cold, consider taking enough time to plan and prepare for the forthcoming cold temperature.

    Unless predicted and taken proper measure, you may be led to end up with few unavoidable repairs that may incur heavy loss. Listed below are the 15 ways that as a landlord you can implement in your rental property to deal with this approaching coldest month.

    Manicure shrubs, hedges and branches

    As the snow and ice falls on the shrubs and down trees, it gains weight and gets shattered easily. So, to avoid the same, a good prune may benefit it from getting snappy. This also offers the plant to begin with a better and healthier growth during the spring.

    real estate maintenance tips

    Clear out the gutters

    It is significant not to skip this must-do fall task as there is huge probability it may create a big impact on the property during the coldest months. Clean up debris, sticks and leaves and there will be easy draining of water through gutters from the roof. If the gutter gets clogged, it may create damage to the roof due to poor drainage, melting snow and ice dams.

    Inspect and service A/C Unit

    It’s time for you to safeguard your A/C system in the rental property through cleaning out the debris. Also, in case if your rental property is in a heavy snow or ice area, then protect your unit through covering it up thus ensure to make it readily available for next year usage whenever required.

    Yard sprinklers must be winterized

    If your rental property owns a sprinkler system, it is best to empty them completely in order that any leftover water in the system doesn’t get freeze and burst. You can hire a service or can perform it yourself, but it is a must-to do tasks as unless done it may create a big impact.

    Seal driveway cracks and sidewalk

    Through freezing and thawing, water flows into cracks in the driveways and sidewalks and thereby expands it to a hazardous crack by spring. In order to cease the process, you can make use of a reliable concrete sealer manufactured especially for this reason.

    Wrap pipes prior winter

    In order to avoid freezing of pipes during the drop in the temperature, you can install un-insulated pipes that are wrapped with foam sleeves. Especially, this protects the exterior pipes from getting burst out. Also, remember to detach hoses in the garden from spigots and those leaking lines as well.

    Review the roof

    It’s quite easy task to repair or in case of necessity to replace the shingles during the non-winter months and thus you can safeguard the roof of your real estate property will be strong that is capable of withstanding even when they get exposed to hazardous winter blizzard.

    real estate

    Review doors and windows

    Before the winter storms approach you, locate areas around windows and doors where there is a possibility of heat, gets escape like torn weather stripping, loose caulking and gaps in between the windows and door frames. As if it is done, it will save your tenant’s money being paid as the heating bill.

    Inspect the heating system.

    Ensure to check the working condition of the heating system before the winter storms through hiring a service person. Ensure to replace the furnace filter and vents open and close properly.

    Inspect the alarms

    Inspect the CO detectors and Smoke detectors and ensure its proper working condition. It becomes critically important to do it to make sure tenant’s safety.

    Inspect the chimney

    If you own a fireplace and chimney in your rental property, ensure to check it before your tenants make use of it for the first time. It is recommended to arrange for a service done by a professional and make sure it is safe to make use of.

    Clean ducts out

    It is advisable to get your ductwork vacuumed out every few years in your rental property as debris formed can block the air flow through putting strain on cooling and heating systems.

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