How a bathroom can help you sell your real estate quickly?

    If you are planning to sell your real estate property, it is significant to make your bathroom look fresh and beautiful that allures the buyers. In their new homes, buyers will definitely love to envision the beauty of their bathroom those with looks of soothing spas or comfort hotels.

    But truly speaking, most of us are not paying much attention on getting a perfect bathroom, as we know it is not a wise decision to spend more for it just for selling the property, which is not going fetch us more profit neither.

    There are better and simple ways which you can implement to make your bathroom that reminds you a posh five-star hotel experience within your budget and also great strategies to amplify your profit are listed below.

    • Buyers will not wish to know about your daily personal hygiene products as it creates an impression as if they are intruding in your personal space. So, remove all daily toiletries and sanitary supplies and make a blank canvas.
    • Also, remove all housework and maintenance items like wastepaper baskets, toilet brushes, bath mats, sponges and cleaning products. Though they are must-to have products in your bathroom it will not create the mood of a spa-like look from the buyer’s perspective.

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    • Make your storage space look big as it amp up your selling cost. Definitely a prospective buyer will look into your bathroom cupboards and try to understand how much spacious it is to hold things.
    • It is recommended to store about half to two-thirds of the cupboard and that too it must be well-organized. If you find no space to store your sanitary items, store the excess in simple basket and at time of buyer’s visit stash it somewhere else. It is good to store your little everyday usable things such lip gloss, hair elastics in a pretty basket or box with a lid.
    • Instead of spending many thousands for renovating your bathroom, it is a smart idea to spend on those little things that will show off the beauty of your bathroom. So, try doing inexpensive upgrades which are potent to create large impact. Those changes which are not quite easily visible will not add up to your real estate selling price.
    • The best yet inexpensive upgrades can be done are replacing worn or leaking pipes, repainting the walls, installing soothing and new lights, updating cabinet hardware and towel bars and so on. In some instances, it is worth changing the tiles preferably large white tiles which make bathroom looks more spacious.
    • It is recommended to clean thoroughly and it is super important to make everything get an immaculate look. This creates an impression that you are maintaining everything perfectly in the minds of buyer.

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    Important points to consider

    • Any bathroom can get its luxurious look through the addition of soft, new preferably white with beautiful textured towels. Once a towel is washed it will lose its new look, so better to have separate towels for the buyer’s inspection. Display the new towel just before buyer’s arrival and pack it later for future use. If you have extra space on your counters, better place neatly folded 2 or 3 matching towels beside the bath to spice up luxury.
    • While repainting the walls, it is better making investment on new cabinetry or upgrades your tiles. It is always a great choice to go with a neutral palette for such bigger elements to impress more prospective buyers. If you wish to add some colors, consider it while getting towels and other accessories.
    • To spice up your warmth, luxury and elegant appearance of your bathroom, after clearing all your personal bathroom items, you can create a spa-like through inclusion of soft colored tranquil accessories such as bath oils, fragrant soaps and natural loofahs. Rather than scattering these accessories, practice to group them in a place to avoid the clutter look. Go for simple and the small amount of accessories.
    • Bring the lively look by placing fresh plants and flowers even in your bathrooms. Orchids are always special and not necessary to go for huge bouquets. You can bring out the elegance through placing a single stem of your beloved flower, a branch with lovely leaves in a jar.
    • Have a beautiful décor piece of stool or ottoman which is as well functional next to your bathtub to get an ultimate five-star hotel look. You can also make use of marble side tables, ottoman piled with fresh and new towels.

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