How to find absorption rate?

    Owning a different style of servicing in the real estate market can lead you to remain out of the box among the many and can fetch your more business.

    The term absorption rate used in the real estate world refers to the rate accordingly which abodes are sold out as compared to the number of listings on the real estate market (the leak rate). It’s all regarding demand and supply that governs the markets.

    The local market absorption rate refers to the span of time it would require to sell all those listed properties currently at the current selling rate considering that no more abodes were listed further. Few of the real estate websites have calculated an estimated general absorption rate as 5 to 7 months. But, it may be varied with different market scenario.

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    At times during vacation, most of the home markets function very slower, with abodes staying on the listing for a year which is quite common. The sellers will be having fun and vacationing and may not feel if it takes a while to sell their home. Also, if they fix higher selling price, definitely it will a year and in such a case, the absorption rate will be much slower.

    How to calculate absorption rate?

    • First, we have to make a choice for time frame that we are going to consider to ascertain absorption rate, but general practice is make use of the past 90 days of sales details. So, by logging into the MLS reporting system and fetch the count of the total number of closing details for the past 3 month period. For an instance, we consider it as 1650 homes sold over the previous three months period.
    • Then fetch the details of total number of current listings of homes. Let’s consider it as 3500 homes listed on the day we are ascertain the absorption rate.
    • To get the average per month sold abodes details, divide the total sold homes during the previous three months, i.e. 1650 by 3, which comes to 550 sold homes per month.
    • Now by dividing the current number of listings, 3500 by average sold homes per month, 550 to get 6.36. In the sense, if no more abodes are listed, it will take 6.36 months to sell all those houses listed as of now and that’s referred to be absorption rate.

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    In case if the absorption rate calculated during a month suddenly drops to 4 months, it states that abodes are selling much faster or on the other hand only fewer homes are listed newly on the market. In case if the absorption rate rises during a month from 6 months to 8 months, it states that either there are more listings made or a decrease in the buying pressure.

    A good choice of a real estate agent will be aware of the absorption rate in their respective region in his or her finger tip.

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