Is it good to move up your home this season?

    On the basis of your location you live, an additional space could add your mortgage payment by 50% on a monthly basis.

    If you are in a plan to move this year due to any of the reason like to find a better accommodate for your growing family or you may prefer getting an extra space or planning to upgrade to an abode with an additional bath or bed that with a premium in the case of most metros.

    To assist those buyers who have the option of shopping home this season, Zillow has made a research. According to it, they have identified maximum how much it may cost for a buyer for extra move-up on their monthly mortgage provided if they desire to upgrade to a like home, but with an extra bath or bed.


    Nationally, as per Zillow’s report, one has to pay around $447 approximately additionally to move their family from a 2 bedroom abode to a 3-bedroom abode on their monthly mortgage, which is almost equivalent to a 50% increase in their monthly mortgage payment.

    When we consider coastal markets, the costs remain to stay higher, approximately $500 additional every month. Especially in hot markets such as San Jose, San Francisco, if you buy an abode, you may be expected to pay the monthly mortgage payment nearly double the payment when compared to other regions, with the premium exceeding $1,600 for moving up.

    Those buyers in the Midwest region will experience their dollars valued much further. Families in Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis can predict to spend approximately $150 additionally on their monthly mortgage while upgrading from a 2-bedroom to a 3-bedroom abode.

    Cleveland provide the lowest premium among all the metros take into account for analysis, with buyers who are move-up paying only $74 additionally on their monthly mortgage rate to upgrade their abode from 2-bedroom to three.

    It is absolutely personal choice that you have to decide whether to move up or not, however, still understanding how specific aspects such as size, number of beds, baths and location can create impact on a price of the abode is significant while determining if a specific home is the apt choice for you and your family.

    Total count of bathroom can also have an impact on the abode’s price.  Nationally, upgrading to a home with the same count of bedrooms, but with one additional bathroom can cost you as a buyer around $386 to $838 per month additionally.


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