New Homes Vs Old Homes

    What would you choose Old or New? How do you want your home to be modern and hi-tech or old school and peaceful? Well these can be opposites too. It is truly said that you should never judge a book by its cover.

    Old homes can be hi tech too and new homes can be peaceful and quiet too. So what are the things that you’re looking for? Make a list and we’ll help you choose from the above given options by telling their pros and cons. After all it is a big investment.

    There are several advantages of buying an Old home. Yes you read that right!

    • Old homes would be very much different from the contemporary homes in every aspect. As in the earlier times the land was comparatively cheaper the builder built the houses with big spacious gardens and backyards where most of the action happened.

    People in the old times did not need too much of anything like they had lesser clothes, they needed less space for storage etc so the houses were comparatively small but had a big lawn and yard. Exceptions in this case were the family homes that were big and spacious. Big enough for parking spaces and garage.

    • Compared to that, modern homes are bigger than old homes because the contractor can build space upwards in the house rather than doing it outside. Now you know why you loved going to your grandparents place in vacations, they were different from your homes.

    Old homes were built in different styles and builders used unique techniques to build every house. They were more designer and had so much character in them.

    New homes on the other hand lack a character. Most common problem faced by the residents is that all the houses are so identical that they lack their uniqueness.

    new homes old homes

    Every house needs repair of the wear and tear. Every house needs it in a different time interval and it is easy and cheap to repair the things in a new house, because it is newly built it might not face such problems for a while but later in the years when it will need repairs that will be cheap too. Old homes cannot do cheap. They require repairs sooner and the repairs are costlier. To repair an old wiring system will have to dig in to the whole system of wiring. But thanks to technology now house repairs are easy to do and they are not cumbersome like in the other case.

    Vintage houses may cost a fortune to someone where as modern homes are cheaper than them. But then they both are poles apart. Vintage house might be someone’s dream house and they agree to pay for it despite its high cost. Modern homes may fulfil all your needs and that too in a cheaper rate but then it is an individual choice between necessity and dream.

    When you think of buying a new place there are many things that you keep in mind. One of which is the neighbourhood. To find a fine locality and good neighbours is a task when you’re buying a newly built home. Whereas the old homes do have a locality and neighbours living there for a long time. You just have to pick the right neighbourhood

    Before buying a home you keep in mind the basic amenities that you will need and then the distance away from your home. You would not want to go to buy groceries after an hour of drive and you would not want to send your kid far away for school. Old homes have all these things sorted. Old homes generally have all the necessary things nearby. So it’s an advantage of settling in an old home.

    The times have changed and so has the weather. Earlier when there were no air conditioners people lived happily without needing them but now there is no living without one. New modern homes have all these things planned and old homes might need updates for them. That again would be costly.

    The difference between both old and new homes is not just time and it is clearly visible. But again it is your choice and your home. Modern or old are just two things the concern is your requirements which should be fulfilled.

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