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    Six aspects to look for while hunting for a family-friendly property for rent

    Family-friendly rental properties are available in plenty than you may think. When you are in a rental property, you really don’t want to experience the stress due to the mortgage, the landlord is on the top of the hook for maintenance, and moreover, it’s very simple to relocate when you wish that you need a change. Consider these aspects to locate the perfect one that matches interest of you and your family.

    Schools and Childcare

    When you are finding a rental house, consider the size of your family. For an instance, if you have two or more children in your family, it is good you seek a house near to a good school and a best nanny share as it would be of more significant concern. You may be locating a rental either in an urban or a suburban location, access to good schools or quality childcare will be one among the imminent deciding aspect for several families.

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     Overall location

    Playgrounds, parks, nearby museums, Little League teams are few among the overall locations nearby your rental house that dictates a quality of life lead by you.  It is not that you have to consider the city location as the only aspect to determine the quality of life that you can lead. An apartment’s location within a community can also be equivalently important.


    While you are shopping for a rental, a host of safety factors must be considered. Especially while considering those units that are built prior to 1978 as it may comprise of lead paint. In case if you feel that landlord of your preferred rental is squeamish, and then considers it as a big red flag.

    It is good to check it out with your prospective landlord in prior regarding the lead-free certification if applicable for the property you look in for. Finally, you analyze yourself whether the décor of your preferred house is appropriate for your kids.


    If you are expecting your first child in a mere future and if you stay in a single bedroom apartment, then you may be worried regarding space as it would be difficult for you to find space for baby clothes.

    So, such expanding families, a tiny study or in-building storage space or a high person-to-closet rate can offer the square footage required for new belongings. If you are not satisfied with these options, plan for moving to a larger unit within the building as possible.

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    Conveniences such as rooftop deck, a dishwasher, a dryer and a washer and a trash room on every floor facilitating easy diaper disposal in each unit are also deciding factors while shopping for a rental property.  Also, dog parks, playgrounds and other family-friendly spaces should preferably exist in your choice of rental.


    Don’t follow any shortcuts to find your rental and be cautious of craigslist scams. Ensure that you are having a deal with the owner of the property by researching thoroughly your local online property tax records or ensure you are having a deal with a trustworthy property management company.

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