Tips to know a real estate seller is ready for bargaining

    It will be of strategic advantage for you as a buyer, if you can get any piece of insider info about the home. During red-hot markets with the supply of low inventory, the sellers even though under pressure, they can find a pile of offers. But if you understand little know-how and keeping a professional real estate agent at your side, you can get a clear picture about the not-so-subtle and subtle hints that a real estate seller is ready for the discussion.

    Find below the tips that you can implement to know whether the seller is ready to lower down his asking price, perks or any inclusions and make it as your advantage.

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    Find the buzzwords in the listing

    It’s quite natural that every seller lists their property with an interest to unload them at the earliest, but won’t say directly to a listing.

    You can look for listing terms such as “priced to sell”, “motivated seller”, “Maybe there is an incentive offered to the buyer by a specific time or bonus offer will be provided to the selling agent listed. These signs signify that such listed property sellers are ready to bargain.

    Check with the seller’s agent

    Ensure your agent do the research to know about the seller’s objectives and motivation. Mostly but not always, you can get information about the same from the listing agent. Perhaps the sellers are planning to close it in a quick turnaround, maybe they are getting divorced or they have purchased another house and not interested to make payment for two mortgages and so on.

    Using such small insights as advantageous and handy points, you can bargain for getting the best offer.

    Winter – the best season for a quick sale

    As there will be fewer listings at times of off-season, sellers are generally highly motivated. Buyers may be available to better offer and deal due to less competition prevails. Also, on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that you will not have space for negotiating the price during peak real estate market season, but may be little harder to locate competing with other buyers.

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    The property itself will speak

    The property itself will specify the seller’s scenario in a greater extent, and hence you pay attention during home inspection. If the home is vacant or a mess, then there are more likely chances that the seller will be open for bargaining.

    If the home is in show-ready for inspection condition, it means they are in urge of selling the property seriously and thus if they understand you as a prospective buyer, they will sure consider your offers if it is reasonable.

    A rock-bottom price

    A rock-bottom price listed property may indicate that the seller is more focused on time and not profit. But be cautious. Such listed homes can also be a trick used by the seller to increase the price in a bidding war. In a competitive real estate market scenario, you can get a house that involves effective negotiation.

    The seller provides extras

    It is not only the great deal that involves a lower purchase price in a real estate deal, but a motivated seller will be ready to provide you with other inclusions which will save you money in a bigger extent.

    You can check with the seller for a termite clearance, the appliances, home warranty to be included in your offer.

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