Tips to tackle financial struggle after owning a home

    Ricardo Soto along with his wife has saved sufficient money for a down payment and was interested to buy a new abode in the San Diego. They could meet the monthly payments, still they also want to afford for few other vital considerations.

    They must ensure to have a check on their financial flexibility by which they can aid their children’s educational expectations and be ready for any sort of emergency that may hit the pocket. Their loan officer advised them to have an overview about the Unison Homebuyer Program.

    What is a Unison Homebuyer Program?

    It is a new financial assistance from the Unison Home Ownership Investors. The major issue that has been resolved by this Unison Homebuyer program is that it decreased the monthly payment that you must pay for purchasing a home”. Thus, it extends a financial flexibility to commit yourself towards your children’s education and other sorts of financial priorities that we possess in our lives.


    In the current trend, a home ownership investment offers cash financing to homeowners or homebuyers from investors who are seeking long-term priced coverage to residential real estate. This new approach elevates the homeowner’s interest and the investor as partners.

    Recently, Unison’s program addresses many financial problems that include home ownership rates, the scarcity of the investments for those with specific special mandates such as endowments and pension fund and for those under-saved retirees.

    Those endowments and pension funds have a requirement as they are influenced by the interest rate scenario heavily.

    In such a high-rate environment, in order to get sufficient and adequate returns, it is good to invest in a few risky investments. Still, during the interest rates are low, due to they have been for a long span of time, several institutions find themselves as underfunded and in need to take on extended risk or need additional funding in order to meet the requests.

    One other aspect that drives the institutional investor’s strategy is Inflation. It has an impact on the income required for a retiree in order to meet his standard of living expenses or the funds need by a foundation/endowment to aid its work.

    These two motivations namely exposure to the increased and largest asset class in the world and inflation hedging make the real estate market, especially single-family very compelling to depend on an institutional investor.

    Unison Homebuyer Program

    Unison’s home ownership investment is not equivalent to a loan, it is considered as a long-term investment made on the property. There are no monthly payments or interest charges and Unison will not accept any payment until the owner of the property decides to sell their abode – up to thirty years in the future. The Unison program assists those borrowers who find it difficult to address the affordability issues while purchasing the home where there is a rise in the price of the abode and interest rates.

    It permits the owner to make a lower monthly payment during their early years of ownership when they really struggle a lot to balance their budgets.

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