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    Top most principles to apply by Landlord for their real estate property

    Every landlord must try applying these below 10 commandments which are simple principles that helps them to succeed in their rental investment through proper real estate property management.

    Make a wise choice of tenants

    Nearly 90% property management rest with the wise choice of tenants, as it makes the business straight forward. It is better to advertise regarding rental vacancy aggressively, which helps your property gain attention from the entire pool of rental property searchers. It is recommended to charge appropriate rental rate as good tenants are generally sensitive to those pricing higher than the market rates.

    Select a choice of tenant according to their source of income, especially nurses are a great choice as they have consistent employment opportunities. Think before you let out our self-employed tenants as their source of income are always at highest risk. It is good to have your property vacant rather than letting it to a bad tenant.

    Your property must have good cash flow

    Your choice of property must have extreme cash flow as it will avoid from things going wrong. The most common issue is that tenant in spite of staying at your property may stop paying rent and thus lead you to pay empty mortgage payments and cover other expenses related to renovation of your property which was destroyed by the tenant. So, holding the cushion of extremely good cash flow can help to get rid of these hazards.

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    Sock Reserves for your property

    It is must hold some portion apart from cash flow as reserves for your every property in order to address inevitable storms that may come in your way. Until you establish reserves, you can save the cash flow. In case if you are letting a single family home, opt for the rent-to-own as the tenant will establish reserves on behalf of you.

    Understand Local Laws Completely

    It is mandatory you are being aware of landlord and tenant laws that abide your property which gets differed from country to country. If not, a professional tenant may lead you to face hell problems and even sue a case in court and win a certain frivolous lawsuit apart from staying at free of cost for several months in your property.

    If you come across any unknown points related to the landlord laws and tenant laws, you can get help from best local eviction attorney. Spending few hours and money for hiring their service is worth doing.

    Arrange for Eviction review prior tenant move in

    It is advisable to arrange for a day of eviction done by eviction attorney. It must be reviewed prior the tenant has ever moved into your home and ensure to make necessary alterations in the lease agreement. Check with them to understand exactly how an eviction file should look like and include a copy of your thorough rental application, tenant’s driver’s license and more.

    Evict tenants who are due in the rent payment     

    Always be strict with the respect of payment terms and conditions in the lease. In case your tenant is due in making rent payments, charge them with late fees. Even after charging late fee, if they don’t make payments, begin the eviction.

    Auto Collect Rent Payments

    It is not efficient to wait for checks in the mail and also it breeds unnecessary excuses from tenants. Alternatively, you can open a merchant account and initiate tenant’s payment from their checking account gets processed through ACH directly. In case of any default, collect their credit card information and thus you can process the rental payment. For doing the same, you have to get the consent letter in writing from the tenant in prior.

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    Periodically review your property

    It is vital to have a look at your rental property on a regular basis to ensure that your tenant maintains your property with care. Also, on the other hand, you can hire someone on behalf of you to do such property inspections.

    Own close to your property

    For productive landlording, it is good to own close to your rental property. You will be definitely aware of your own backyard comparatively better than others and thus you can easily identify best tenants and based upon which you can fine tune your search. Also, it is good to be familiar with a good local eviction attorney who will help you to keep an eye on your tenants and property.

    Consider the costs of hiring a property management service

    It is more cost effective if you do your landlording duties by yourself rather than outsourcing a property management company to do it. Most investors are quick in hiring them who charge nearly 10% of the gross rent as service charge, which is definitely a significant amount.

    Still, as everyone scenario differs from each and other, and if you find that hiring a property management company is more cost effective, it is good to opt for it than doing landlording duties yourself.

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